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10 Farming News Stories

  1. 180,000 tonnes of bio-solids are being processed by farms in New South Wales. The material comes from the sewerages of the area. The waste is also producing energy for the farms as it is processed in reactors.

Poo farm

  1. The Bob Brown foundation is throwing its weight behind a campaign to close down Salmon farms on the east coast of Tasmania, which it says will disrupt the local culture, heritage and environment.

Salmon farm

  1. The Big Lobster, a South Australian attraction and restaurant, recently went to auction for $300,000. No bids were made.

Big lobster in SA

  1. Animals Australia has launched an online petition against the treatment of prawns, which have their eye-stalks cut to speed up reproduction. The Australian Prawn Farmers association has said they maximise prawn comfort, in some cases using anaesthesia.

Prawn eye cutting

  1. A leading ecologist has called for Australians to eat more kangaroo meat. Their over-population is causing the vegetation to be depleted, destroying the habitat of other animals like birds.

Kangaroo meat

  1. Tourism bodies are encouraging farms to start ‘paddock to plate’ tours to gain a larger section of the Asian tourist market. These tours involve tourists exploring the farm before eating its food.

Paddock to plate

  1. A team of young footballers from Leonora, WA, have been travelling more than 600km to play footy each weekend. Their isolated pastoral town team has a home ground 300km away.

Bus in australia

  1. A 17 year old cattle farmer has borrow $200,000 of his parents money to start angus-and-Brahman herd. He now has 170 cattle and believes he’s well on the way to paying off his costs.


  1. The Sugar Research Institute has planted 175 different varieties of sugar cane in an experimental crop aimed at finding which variety will be most frost resistant.

Sugar cane

  1. Bill Browning, a young man from Narromine, NSW, has made a 6 minute short film that’s gaining traction online. In it, Browning talks about the experience of finding his father after committing suicide. He hopes the film will help with awareness for rural communities.

Billy Browning

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