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10 horse facts you almost certainly didn’t know

  1. Horses have binocular and monocular vision, which means they can focus both eyes on one thing, or use both eyes independently.
  2. Horse can’t vomit. Their biology doesn’t allow it; the muscles that close off the stomach are too strong.
  3. The French word for horse, cheval, is the root of the English word chivalry. To be horse-like.
  4. Horses have 26 muscles in each ear.
  5. A small indent on a horse’s skin is called a ‘prophet’s thumb mark’ – and is considered good luck.
  6. The oldest horse on record lived to be 62 years old.
  7. A 1,100 year old carving of an enormous horse is set into the side of a mountain in Westbury, England.



  8. ‘Flehmen’ is the term given to the face horses make when sniffing out a new smell that makes them look like they’re laughing.
  9. The horse’s closest relative is the rhino.
  10. There are 58 million horses in the world today.

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