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10 Horses Dressed as Well-Known Movie Characters

People love their horses so much that they can’t help but dress them up. It just happens. And hey, as long as the horse is feeling comfortable, why not use the opportunity to bond with them?

Below is a list of 10 hilarious horse costumes based on well-known movie characters.

  1. 1. Batman.

Horse dressed as Batman

2. Popeye.

Horse dressed as popeye

3. Mario.

Horse dressed as Mario

4. Mickey Mouse.

Horse dressed as Mickey Mouse

5. A Minion.

Horse dressed as minion

6. Harry Potter.

Horse dressed as Harry Potter

7. A Star Wars Spaceship.

Horse dressed as star wars spaceship

8. Superman.

Horse dressed as superman

9. The Sheriff.

Horse dressed as Sheriff

10. Sven.

Horse dressed as Sven from Frozen

BONUS: The Invisible Horse.

Invisible Horse costume

See more: 20 Adorable photos of kids and horses. 


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