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10 Largest Factories in the World

  1. 1. The NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.

The doors of the building alone are 139 metres tall and allow entire spaceships to be built under cover.

Enormous NASA factory Huge factory large enough for spaceship


  1. 2. The Meyer Werft Dockhalle 2.

Used to build cruise ships, this enormous space looks like it could fit an entire city inside it.

Gigantic factory for ships Interior of huge cruise factory


  1. 3. The Aerium.

This huge structure was built during World War II in Germany to construct and store airships. It was later bought and re-purposed – a tropical theme park was built inside it.

The Aerium Before and After



  1. 4. Jean-Luc Lagardere plant.

This factory is designed specifically to build airbuses – the largest commercial airliners. It is large enough to build 8 airbuses simultaneously.

Interior of enormous french plane factory Exterior of enormous plane factory


  1. 5. Boeing Factory.

Another aeroplane factory – this is larger than three sports stadiums side by side.

Enormous exterior of the Boeing factory


  1. 6. Lauma Fabric Factory.

Insured for $85 million euros, this factory was built in Latvia in 1965 to produce fabric for underwear.

Facade of huge Lauma fabric factory Exterior of enormous fabric factory


  1. 7. The Tesla Gigafactory.

This gigantic solar panel electrical station aims to harvest enough electrical energy in a year to power half a million Tesla cars.


Artists impression of the Tesla gigafactory How large is the Tesla Gigafactory


  1. 8. The Stetson Hat Factory.

Operating in the early 1900s and producing only hats, this huge factory seems to defy modern production industries. Over five thousand men and women were employed here.

Huge old hat factory


  1. 9. Mitsubishi Motors, North America.

This facility combined production, design, research & development under a single, enormous roof.

Huge Mistubishi factory Mitsubishi motor headquarters


  1. 10. Belvidere Assembly plant.

An assembly plant owned by Chrysler, this is another factory that pumps out thousands of cars – and make use of an unfathomably large floor area to do so.

Huge Chrysler Belvidere factory


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