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10 Things Most People Forget When Building a Garage

There are a lot of things worth keeping in mind when building a shed – and a lot that most people forget.

Download our checklist here to make sure you get everything right & avoid the pitfalls others don’t.

You can also read our list below:

  1. 1. You might need more space than you think.

Nobody ever thinks ‘we should have built a smaller garage!’. Extra space is always worth having.

2. Garages are multi-purpose.

You might think that you’re only building a place to store your cars. But garages become more than this. They might become a workshop, a storage area, an entertainment area. Built a garage that can be used for more than just one purpose.

3. Frame strength differs between builders.

This one is major. Cheaper shed builder will use C Section frames, which only have 3 sides and are made of a single sheet of metal.

RHS frames are thicker, have four sides, and are closed off. They are more than twice as sturdy and protect your investment long term.

4. Building permits.

Councils can be picky – even when you just want to build a shed. DIY builders can often get caught.

Check with your local council or get your builder to check. A good builder will already know what needs to be done and can handle the paperwork for you.

5. DIY shed kits aren’t permanent.

Simple DIY shed kits are great, but they aren’t the same kind of investment as proper, quality-built sheds and garages.

DIY sheds are a temporary solution that will last up to 10 years. This might be exactly what you need, or you might be better off looking at a long-lasting investment.

6. Your property value.

This should be central to your considerations: How much will your new garage or shed contribute to the value of your property?
A premium, solid garage or barn can boost your property value, especially if it’s large and well-placed.

7. Ground works.

The ground your building on needs to be prepared, often with a concrete slab.

The best way to manage this is to work with your builder so you get a concrete slab that is ideal for your garage.

8. Time costs.

DIY building can be a great option – particularly if you have free weekends and enjoy building.
But if that’s not for you – you need to consider what your time cost will be. Hiring a professional may cost more, but the time it will save you may prove worthwhile.

9. Location.

Your shed/garage needs to be placed someone on your property that makes sense. Ideally, you will find a place where it looks great, is easy to access and its fits.

10. Regulations.

Council regulations place limits in where you can build a shed. Many councils limit how close to a fence you can build, while some have other strict conditions.
Check in with your local council or make sure your builder can handle this for you.




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