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5 Classic Australian Backyard Sheds

What Aussie property is complete without a nice backyard shed? They’re an iconic addition to any backyard.

Below are 5 great examples of iconic Aussie sheds, built by Central Steel Build.
Classic Aussie Shed 1 SmartaBuild 2An unusual shape, this car garage and workshop offer an excellent space for any Australian to get their hands dirty. Humble but interesting.

Classic Aussie Shed 1 SmartaBuild 3

A beautifully designed building, The two rollers doors and open centre make this versatile and useful. The windows also make the interior space great for a range of activities, making it more than just a warehouse.

Classic Aussie Shed 1 SmartaBuild 4

For those with a large car collection, this nice little shed has room for them all. A simple green colour, this shed is reminiscent of the beautiful bush that surrounds it.



For those with some small farm machinery to keep protected – a shed like this is perfect. The sliding doors give ample access to a nice sized storage area.

Classic Aussie Shed 1 SmartaBuild

A huge workshop for anyone planning on getting up to some real hobbies! The roller door and the access door make this a great space for working on vehicles.

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