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8 Fictional Horses You Wish You Owned

How many times have you been watching a movie or reading a book and thought “that’s a horse I would love to own”?

It doesn’t matter how fictional or unrealistic they are, you can’t help but fantasise about owning one of these amazing creatures. Often, they’re the characters your childhood dreams were built on.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 fictional horse characters.


  1. 1. Mr Ed.

Horse riding is all about communication. But don’t you just wish you could actually speak to your horse. It would make things so much easier.

The famous Mr Ed could talk – in fact, he could barely stop talking!

Mr Ed the Talking Horse


2. Shadowfax.

Gandalf’s noble horse from The Lord of The Rings. Shadowfax is perhaps the most noble and dignified of any fictional horse character.

Shadowfax was ‘foaled in the morning of the world,’ the original and perfect horse.

In fact, he’s almost the most dignified character ever written, animal or human. It’s not so much that you’d like to own Shadowfax, but that you’d like to know him.

Shadowfax, The Lord Of The Rings


3. Joey.

A thoroughbred with too much spirit for ploughing fields, Joey is the storied character of War Horse, the wildly successful book, film and stage play.

Joey from Warhorse


4. Bullseye.

The best-natured of all the horses on the list is Bullseye, from the Toy Story films.

More like a puppy, Bullseye is full of enthusiasm and friendliness.

Bullseye, Toy Story


5. Starlite.

The colourful, beautiful flying horse from RainbowBrite, the 80s cartoon series.

Starlite was able to fly on rainbows, and her colourful mane and tail made her an excellent horse to fantasise about.

Starbrite the flying horse


6. Artax.

The horse from The Neverending Story who, in the novel, is actually a speaking character.

A complicated character, Artax’s death was a difficult one for most readers, but reminds us of the emotional complexity of the horses we love.

Artax, The Neverending Story


7. Bree.

A horse capable of talking, but hiding his gift from his war-mongering owners, Bree is another complex character from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Bree, The Chronicles of Narnia


8. Black Beauty.

For some of us, this might have been our first horse love.

The novel does an excellent job of stokes the fires for a horse lover, reminding us of the need to treat every animal with love and respect.

Black Beauty


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