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Architect-Designed Steel Frames

I’m building. Can you build a steel frame to my architect’s designs?

Absolutely. We’re very happy to work with your architect and with you to produce the best possible steel building we can.
Our previous projects built with architect-involvement have been excellent, and have resulted in unique, durable buildings that we’re very proud of.

Sidelong photo of DesinaBuild house

Can you build a steel frame to my own design?

Absolutely. Even if you aren’t working with an architect, but would like to design your own building, our team of engineers and draftsmen can make sure that you get the building you envisage.


What kind of architect-lead projects have you worked on in the past?

We’ve worked on quite a few. Some good examples are Nine Steps homestay in Mt. Buffalo and this Daylesford house/indoor garden.

What kind of expertise do you have?

We are fully registered builders, with licensed draftsmen and we have over 40 years experience buildings sheds and steel structures.

We’re also very friendly and would love to talk more, so give us a call on 1300 955 608.


DOWNLOAD: See our full brochure of architect-involved steel buildings. 


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