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Building a Shed in the Macedon Ranges

Looking to build a shed in the Macedon Ranges? You can find all the information you’ll need RIGHT HERE.

Building Permits

You will need to secure a building permit from the Macedon Ranges Shire Council if you shed matches any of these four criteria:

  1. Your shed is larger than 10m2 OR your shed is 3 metres high OR your shed is higher than 2.4 metres and is 1 metre from a boundary.
  2. The shed is attached to an existing building.
  3. The shed is going to be built over an easement.
  4. The shed is attached to the front wall of your dwelling.

If your planned shed matches any of these criteria, you will need to get a building permit. If you are planning on engaging a professional builder, they should be able to handle your permits internally and save you the trouble.

Backyard Car Garage

Backyard Car Garage

What does it cost to build a garage or shed?

Sheds & garages vary so much in size & purpose that an estimate is difficult. You can read this article on price cost estimates to get a rough idea.

The average garage costs approximately $22,000 but will range in cost from $3,000 for small home garages up to $60,000 for large industrial garages.

Storage Shed and Garage

Storage Shed and Garage

How can I find someone to build my shed?

The best was is to look for a reputable builder that specialises in sheds, has been operating a long time, and is local.

You can see a map in and around the Macedon Ranges by clicking here. You can also view our live gallery to see our most recent builds by clicking here.

Garage Storage

Garage Storage

Can I build a shed myself?

Yes, you can. The best way to do that is to buy a shed kit. Most shed builders will also be able to arrange delivery of a shed kit without install.


To download a brochure and view some of our previous SmartaBuild structures, click here. 


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