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Building An Iconic CFA Station

The CFA has long been known for its dedication to protecting properties and working hard to keep Australians safe. It was a pleasure and honour being able to work with their principle contractors to build some of their stations.

Sturdy Reliable CFA Station

Like many industrial buildings, the CFA stations are held to strict regulations and requirements that need to be met. This building needed to be flawlessly functional, allowing multiple vehicle access and ease of use.

Rear of Strong CFA Building The CFA stations are almost iconic, especially for those of you who’ve travelled around Australia. It’s a comforting and inspiring moment when you drive into a town you’ve never seen or heard of before and see their CFA headquarters, a proud monument for the town.

Details of CFA Steel StationOur work with the CFA’s principle contractors was very rewarding, and we’ve since gone back to visit the building. The CFA have installed their regulation alarm system at the top of the apex and they’ve put in regulation floodlights to make the building fully functional.

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