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Building A Large Shed – Quotes, Examples & Cost Estimates

What this article covers: Farm/Rural Shed – Equestrian – Industrial – Commercial – Educational – Aviation – Architect-designed – Domestic/Backyard.

Farm Sheds

Broad acre farming often requires huge sheds to store stock, feed, machinery & livestock. Wide spans give you the ability to have large openings that allow easy access for large farm machines like harvesters. They are robust and hardy against the elements; a lifelong investment that will serve you for decades.

Average cost for a big span farm shed: $68,261



Equestrian Sheds

Large equestrian structures are indoor riding arenas, often with stable complexes attached. We have a high level of expertise producing indoor arenas for dressage and other equestrian sports reaching up to sizes 77m x 46m. These structures are designed to fit the client’s need and can include all features you might desire.

Average cost to an indoor riding arena: $124,000.



Commercial & Office Buildings

Commercial builds need to be expertly engineered and flawlessly erected, particularly when building large offices & factories. We have experience building commercial structures up to 100m x 50m. Infrastructure is a valuable investment and will improve your business.

Average cost of a commercial building: $166,900



Large Backyard Sheds

Residential and domestic sheds usually include small storage sheds and garages. However, client often go bigger with an American-style barn. These sheds offer a larger space for storage big enough to house multiple vehicles and a workshop. The American-style barn is not only a stylish addition to your property, but offers large storage space for a range of purposes.

Average cost for an American barn: $43,005



Industrial Sized Sheds

This larger category of building refers to warehouses up to 80m x 80m. Value-engineering and intelligent design will ensure that your industrial investment will work efficiently and will increase your business’ productivity. It’s a great idea to talk to a consultant from the very beginning of your project to endure your budget is adhered to and your building suits the functions it needs to.

Average cost for a large warehouse is $80,000 to $400,000.



Educational Buildings & Ball Covers

Those in the educational industry looking at building a big construction, covered-over learning areas offer you bespoke sizes and designs for ball court covers ranging up to 48m x 43m. This is a lasting investment for schools and their students’ safety, as well as those in educational or sporting. Covers like this have padded columns, anti-bird netting and roof insulation.

Average cost for a large ball court cover: $114,00



Aviation Hangars & Buildings

Bigger aircraft hangars can range up to 64m x 30m. We provide a variety of options for those interested in building a large aircraft hangar, customised to your aircrafts and needs. We have the decades of experience in aeroplane and helicopter hangars that are required to get the precision and value a large aviation building requires.

Average cost for an aircraft hangar: $98,782

Architect-Designed Buildings

Taking a more architectural and customised approach to sheds, people often choose to engage an architect to design a unique, one-of-a-kind homes that make use of steel frames. Larger constructions that come under this category are referred to as liveable sheds, reaching up to sizes of 100m x 50m. These buildings are completely customised to fit your dreams and your vision.

Average cost for bigger habitable sheds: $56,488

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