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10 Clever Uses for Old Horse Saddles

What do you do with an old saddle that you’re ready to retire?

From decor to playgrounds, there are plenty of creative ways to use old horse saddles.

Take a look at our ideas below:


  1. 1. Turn Them Into Bar Stools.

Barstool 2 Bar stool horse saddles


2. Cut it in half an mount it in a frame. Horse Saddle Framed


3. Turn it into a decorative lamp.

Horse Saddle Made into lamp shade____________________________

4. Decorate your mailbox with it. Horse Saddle Mail Box


5. Get two and make them into a see-saw.

Horse Saddle See Saw


6. Suspend it with some chains or rope to make a swing.

Horse Saddle Swing


7. Mount it onto a wall to hide a plant pot.

Horse Saddle Wall Mount


8. Mount it onto a wall as a multi-purpose rack.Mounted horse saddle used as rack


9. Add some legs and turn your saddles into chairs. Saddle Barstools


10. Use some plywood to turn your saddle into a rocking horse. saddle1


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