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How To Create A Sturdy, Reliable School Building

Working on projects for schools is always a pleasant experience. We love being able to build something that will last and will create spaces where development and learning can take place.

Exterior Ball Court Cover At SchoolWe’ve put together a few ball court covers in the past, and this is a great example of a very successful project.
Courts Under Cover
Schools often have very specific needs, budgets and available space, so working with them to find what will be the best option is an enjoyable challenge. We work hard to ensure that the school gets the design and installation that they want and that the community is given a reliable asset that will last generations.

Details of ball court covering With all of our projects, we try to get a clear understanding of how the structure is going to be used so that we can build the perfect solution. These artificial turf courts look fantastic under our cover and will give its students a space to use all through the year.

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