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Top 10 Farming News Stories in a Sentence

  1. 1. Ingham chicken has become a public company, with shares being offered at $3.15.


  1. 2. A new supercomputer at the Bureau of Meteorology worth $77 million has been switched on. The computer will give farmers access to more geographically accurate weather predictions.


  1. 3. Men are now allowed to join the Queensland Country Women’s Association with a special non-voting membership.


  1. 4. The ACCC has found that wholesalers and market agents are mistreating horticultural growers by missing payments and forcing down prices. They have installed a code of conduct to improve the situation.


  1. 5. New quality standards have been implemented by the Australian Mango Industry Association, focusing on colour and taste.


  1. 6. Premium Norwegian clothing label Devold will begin importing Australian wool for their clothes, using Australian quality as a prominent aspect of their marketing.


  1. 7. Experts are trying to harvest clean energy from the processes involved in producing compost in Australia. This is already being done in Europe, allowing compost producers to sell energy and gas back to the grid.


  1. 8. Malaysian meat importers have warned that Australian beef is over 4 times more expensive than Indian buffalo meat, limiting Australian ability to export.


  1. 9. The Margaret River High School has developed an 18 hectare farm on which students grow their own food. They are aiming to encourage young people to start careers producing food in the area.


  1. 10. Analysts are predicting that the upcoming American election will influence Australia. If Trump wins, trading and exporting will become more difficult for Australians because of his xenophobic policies.

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