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Harkaway Road indoor arena

Project value  

$200k - $250k

On-site build time 

Three weeks

Building dimensions 

61m x 22m 

Project collaborators 

Tekcon Group

Harkaway Road indoor arena   


This client built an equestrian complex closely located to this property in 2014. Having enjoyed a seamless customer journey and ownership of a premium Equinabuild structure, they contacted us to build again after selling the original property.

The brief

Our client required a full-competition-size indoor dressage arena designed in a similar style to the existing architecture on the property. The entry and exit needed to be positioned optimally to ensure ease of traffic movement from the stables to the indoor arena. 

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Our scope and build details 

    • Structural steel drawings, engineering certification and computations.
    • 3D structural/shop steel drawings.
    • Footings.
    • Purlins and girts.
    • Equinarail system and gates.
    • Colorbond cladding.
    • Eaves.
    • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package.
    • Building permit.
Harkaway Road indoor arena drawings

Challenges and solutions 

We designed the indoor dressage arena with a 15-degree roof pitch and eave overhangs on all sides to fit in with the existing stables shed and other buildings on the property. Our client chose to include the EquinaRail safety kickrail and gates system on the indoor arena for ease of accessibility and safety of riders and horses. We liaised with our client to decide on the best positioning for our custom gates to ensure quick and easy access to and from the stables. 

Harkaway Road indoor dressage arena
Harkaway Road indoor arena