1. 1. A violin/cello bow.

Horse hair bow
Let’s start with the classic use for horse hair. It’s easy to forget just how clever it is to use a horse’s tail hair to make some of the most beautiful music in the world.

2. Horse hair bracelets.

Horse Hair bracelets
Braiding horse hair allows you to put together interesting patterns that can then be turned into bracelets.
We love the style of these bracelets; simple, neat and wonderful.

3. A horse hair cross.

Horse hair cross
This relatively simple project makes use of some braided horse hair. For the more pious of you, this is a fantastic way to feel close to your horse while also feeling close to your religion.

4. Horse hair earrings.

Horse hair earrings
Beautiful, simple and elegant – these earrings look excellent. Horse hair can also be dyed to give it a little bit more design character.

5. A horse hair handbag.

Horse hair handbag
Horse hair can be woven into a highly durable fabric. This handbag is a fantastic example of the design possibility of horse hair – often overlooked and forgotten.

6. Horse Hair Tassles.

Horse hair tassels
Of the easiest things to do with old horse hair is to turn it into a tassle. Tassles can be used for a number of things, but most often they’re decorative, bringing a little reminder of your horse into your day.

7. Wristwatch straps.

Horse hair wristwatches
Although horse hair isn’t used very regularly, it can be a very versatile material. These watch straps are decorated with braided horse hair.

8. Horse Hair Pottery.

Horses Hair used in Pottery
Applying horse hair to an un-fired pot can have exquisite results once you do fire it. This is an old technique that results in complex, beautiful works.

9. Horse Hair Jewellery.

Horse hair in resin necklace
We love this idea; setting little cuts of your horses hair into resin to create charms for necklaces.

10. Upholstery.

Woven horse hair fabric used on chair
Believe it or not, horse hair was often used for upholstery. It’s shine and durability gave it a unique appeal.

11. Let birds build nests with it.

Horse Hair Birds Nest
A clever, fun little way to use your left over horse hair is to leave it in piles for the birds to pick up.
They’ll take it back to build their nest. If you’re observant and patient enough, you’ll be able to watch the process.

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