1. A door knocker.

Stirrup door knocker

A simple way of letting visitors know that they’re about to enter a horse property. A great first impression.

2. A towel holder.


Stirrup used to hold towel

Stirrup used to hold towel

Any way you can get a little reminder of your horses into your everyday decor is a good idea. This lovely little touch makes you feel like you’re in a luxury BnB ranch.

3. Wind chimes.

Stirrup wind chimes

A great idea that looks nice and sounds even better. Wind chimes are underrated, right?

4. Candle light holders.

Stirrup candle lights

Beautiful, simple and easy to set up. As in the photo, it’s best to make sure these aren’t actual open flames, but LED lights.
A wonderful way to liven up your back patio.

5. A dream catcher.

English stirrup dream catcher

If you’re into the bohemian look, an old Western stirrup can be made into a nice dream catcher with some simple crafting techniques.

6. A lamp.

English stirrup used as a lamp base

Another project using an old Western stirrup, this lamp gives a nice rustic look to a room, and uses the stirrup very subtly.

7. A Christmas wreath centrepiece.


English stirrup in wreath

Old stirrups are versatile because of their simple shape – they look great in a whole lot of different designs.

8. A decoration.


English stirrup Christmas decoration

Super simple, right? Make use of that naturally beautiful shape of the stirrup and hang a little decoration in there with twine.

9. A hand towel holder.


English stirrup used to hold hand towels

Or a napkin holder. Either way, all you need is an English stirrup. Nothing else

10. A photo frame.


English stirrup made into frame

Beautiful! An elegant way to keep your memories.


English stirrups made into tiny shelves

Western stirrups can be attached to the wall and used as tiny shelves for trinkets. Excellent.

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