Horsey people are always on the lookout for ways to make life a little easier in the barn and with the overall care of your horses. Here are ten genius ideas that no equestrian can live without.
Everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling of tight new riding or paddock boots, that give you discomfort and even blisters at times. To prevent this from happening when your breaking in your new boots, wear slightly wet socks to soften the leather and mould it to your leg and foot.

Do you hate it when your horse’s whites turn yellow? Ketchup is a good solution to re-whiten a horse’s mane and tail. Apply a liberal amount of ketchup to the mane and tail and leave it to soak for about 10-20mins. Rinse the ketchup and repeat as many times as needed. This might seem a strange solution for whitening, however the red of the ketchup lifts the yellow colour out and brings out the white.

When you need to crush pills and give them to your horse in the form of paste we have an easy way to do this. Try to put all of the pills in the syringe and suction some water in as well and wait for them to dissolve. This is a lot less messy than crushing the pills up, making a paste and trying to scoop it into the syringe.

To avoid forgetting your scrub brush, you can attach them to your buckets. This way you can prevent that annoying feeling of having to go back and get the brush if you forget it.

Do you find tacking up difficult? Add small swivel snaps to your breast plate or breast collar to make tacking up faster and easier. You can also do the same with reins, but it is best to ask your trainer first.

If your horse is the nervous skittish type and gets nervous being alone in the stall or trailer, hang a safety mirror in front of him. A horse like this will usually feel better if they can see another horse. If your horse is food aggressive, hang the mirror away from his hay pile.

If your horse is one to get bored easily, here is a little trick to keep him entertained. Cut a few apples into pieces and put them in the water trough. Let your horse use creativity and innovative to get the apples.

Gardening aprons are the perfect solution for a grooming apron. They have pockets, so you can hold things in there whilst completing tasks like braiding your horse’s mane.

Zip ties do a beautiful job of fixing different things in the barn, they can fix broken tack, help mend fences etc. They come in different sizes and colours and are perfect for tagging individual horse’s gear as well.

You know the annoying clang from cross ties? Well we found a way to get rid of it. Simply tie tennis balls at the ends of the cross ties and this prevents the noise.