1. Use emery board to remove minor stains from suede.

Dirtying anything suede can be a disaster. It’s almost impossible to get a stain out. Picking up an emery board and giving you suede a light rub can help roughen up the fibres and remove the stain.

2. Use vet wrap to stop blankets slipping.

Prevent blankets from rolling right off their racks. Wrap vet wrap over the rack to give them a bit of extra grip.

3. Use a dustpan to fill water buckets.

Can’t fit your bucket into the sink? Use a hollow-handled dustpan to funnel water out of the sink and into the bucket.

4. Use tall socks as a tail bag.

Cut off the ends of an old pair of knee-high socks and use them as a makeshift tail bag.

5. Use pool noodles to keep your boots in shape.

Want to keep your riding boots in line? Cut some pool noodles to size and slip them in.

6. Make a DIY bridle rack.

Nail some empty tuna cans to a plank of wood for an extremely simple DIY bridle rack.
To take it up a step and go for a classier look, use old horse shoes screwed into the board.

7. Use coloured zip ties to identify your equipment.

If you’re at a show and you don’t want any of your stuff to go missing, attached coloured zip ties to your things so you can quickly identify them.

8. Use a pool skimmer to remove mess from your horses’ drinking water.

It’s the simplest way to clean up the drinking water. If a pool skimmer is too big, consider using a pet fish net.

9. Line your buckets with garbage bags to prevent spillage.

Instead of pouring water directly into a bucket, line the bucket with a garbage bag. You can then tie the bag close and use a wheelbarrow to transport it without any spills.

10. Bandage your own leg.

Forgot your chaps? No problem, just bandage up your own leg to avoid pinches.