1. Horses have binocular and monocular vision, which means they can focus both eyes on one thing, or use both eyes independently.
  2. Horse can’t vomit. Their biology doesn’t allow it; the muscles that close off the stomach are too strong.
  3. The French word for horse, cheval, is the root of the English word chivalry. To be horse-like.
  4. Horses have 26 muscles in each ear.
  5. A small indent on a horse’s skin is called a ‘prophet’s thumb mark’ – and is considered good luck.
  6. The oldest horse on record lived to be 62 years old.
  7. A 1,100 year old carving of an enormous horse is set into the side of a mountain in Westbury, England.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  8. ‘Flehmen’ is the term given to the face horses make when sniffing out a new smell that makes them look like they’re laughing.
  9. The horse’s closest relative is the rhino.
  10. There are 58 million horses in the world today.