Al Gore in his office with paper around him

Al Gore, with an enormous pile of documents covering his desk.

The desk of Einstein
The desk of Albert Einstein, who famously suggested that an empty desk reflected a blank mind.

Jackson pollock workspace
Painter Jackson Pollock in his workspace.

Barack Obama in his office before he was president
Barack Obama in his community office before entering politics.

Martin luther King in his office
Martin Luther King Jr in an office full of books.

Nigella Lawson in her office
Chef & presenter Nigella Lawson amongst a very full collection of publications.

Obama in office after becoming president
Obama after being elected president, his feet resting on the famous desk of the oval office.

The Eames office
The office and desk of Ray Eames, the designer of the famous Eames Chair.

Steve jobs in his home office
Steve Jobs working from him home office.

Susan Sontag in her home office
Musical writer Susan Sontag at a desk full of ideas.

Tina Fey under her desk
Comedian, writer and producer Tina Fey in a very cluttered space.

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