1. You love that stable smell (even if other people don’t!)

So other people think it stinks. To you, that particular mixture of scents – hay, leather, horse – reminds you that you’re in the place you want to be.
If you could bottle it and take it with you, you would.

Love the smell of a horse barn

2. Secret pleasure: Hearing new riders hurt after a ride.

I know it’s a little cruel – but it’s so satisfying to hear new riders feel sore muscles in places they had no idea existed.
A lot of people think horse riding is easy – actually getting on a horse is one way to find out that it’s not!

Man clearly riding a horse for the first time

3. That particular response you had when you first learned how to clean the sheath.

Horses need maintenance of all kinds. Including that kind. It’s just how it is.

That face when you find out about cleaning a horses sheath

4. A brand new, completely fresh tack sponge.

It feels so good to get rid of the old one that is basically just a lump of dirt anyway.
For that perfect moment you have a fresh sponge, life is good.

Brand new new tack sponge

5. When you finish cleaning your tack and hang it up.

Does anything quite compare to the feeling of seeing everything neat, clean tidy and hanging up? It’s a tiny little triumph and it feels great.

Neat clean tack hanging up

6. When your horse rolls in poop the moment you’ve finished cleaning him.

Come on. Work with me, here. Let’s agree not to rub ourselves in manure.

Horse rolling around in the dirt

7. Owning perfectly worn-in boots.

A good pair of boots is like a favourite pair of jeans. They’re exactly what you need, not stiff anymore, but no holes.
Those worn-in boots are the best.

Perfectly worn in horse riding boots

8. Horses can see into another dimension.

There’s only one explanation for what your horse sees when it gets spooked. It’s looking into a different dimension.

A horse getting spooked at nothing

9. Fresh bedding in a stable.

No manure. Fresh shavings. All ready for your horse.
It’s a lovely gift for your horse, and always makes you feel kind of proud of your work.

Fresh bedding for your horse

10. Picking off chestnuts.

Weirdly satisfying. It’s a little like picking off a scab when you’re a kid, only bigger.
It’s only one of those strange pleasures that non-horse people will absolutely, never understand.

Horse chestnuts picking them off
Either that, or you have a face similar to number #3.

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