Every now and again your storage shed can begin to look like a dumping ground rather than a shed. This becomes impractical and annoying when you cant find anything because your shed is a mess. Here are 10 ways to help prevent this from happening to your storage shed.

Empty wooden box with compartments Free Photo

This is a must do for reorganising your shed. You can install some wall shelves or free-standing ones, whatever is best for organisation in your storage shed. Shelves will work better by ordering them around what items you use the most. Things you use everyday should be easy to get to, while big bulky items should be stowed at floor level somewhere out of the way to avoid becoming a tripping hazard.

Repurpose old furniture 
apothecary cabinet for storing seeds

Old cupboards are perfect for shed storage, and its a win win situation as you get to save money on shed furniture and declutter your home.

Shovel racks  
vertical tool storage

Getting all your long-handled tools organised properly is important as they can be dangerous simply lying around on the floor of your shed. Get yourself organised with a shovel rack, this will free up a lot of space.


Hooks are wonderful for giving smaller tools like trowels and secateurs a place in your shed. You can also use hooks for larger tools like spades and brooms. They are easy to install and not too difficult to move if necessary.

The Ceiling 
vertical bike storage from shed roof

Think about what you can store along the sides of the ceiling, after installing ply boards as shelving. Also PVC pipe strung from the rafters is a perfect fishing rod holder.

Classic tool wall 

A classic tool board allows you to know if everything is in its place, which will prevent you from loosing any tools. You can create a workshop tool wall by arranging your tools on a table or wall in best fit. Install brackets and nails to keep the tools in place. Its a good idea to draw a silhouette of every tool where its meant to go, so you know if something is missing and what tool it is.

Peg Boards

Peg boards allow a more flexible way of storing tools, as it can be adapted to your collection as it grows.

magnetic knife rack for storing tools in a shed

Magnetic knife holders are excellent for shed storage. They can be used for storing files, screwdrivers, pliers and any other metal tools. You can also use them for storing paint brushes, as they will dry easily after cleaning and the bristles will not get squashed.

Hanging hose 

To avoid the common issue of having your hose uncoil itself into a messy heap to trip over, invest in a hose hanger. This will make it easier to store and avoid your hose from getting bent or split from being tripped or walked over too many times.

Odds and ends 

Its the little things in your shed that really create the mess, and its important to organise them to avoid loosing them. A couple of baskets or mounted storage bins do the job nicely, or putting items on a shelf somewhere.