Genius way to stop metal clip clinking
A split tennis ball 
This can prevent metal clips etc. from clinking against metal poles.

Clever, simple way of storing jumping poles
Vertical Jumping Pole Holder
This clever, simple design allows you to store your poles on a wall – and it looks great.

Genius hidden storage in horse stables
In-Built Stable Storage
An excellent use of space (and so useful to have storage between stables) – this is an excellent idea if you’re building.

Clever collapsible horse bucket
A Collapsible Bucket
Simple. Clever. Easy to store & long lasting.

Clever and simple horse step up
Recycled Plastic Barrel Step Up
It’s not the prettiest thing, but it gets the job done, it’s easy to make and you probably have the materials lying around.

Nice floor pattern made with old horse shoes
Horse Shoe Flooring
Know someone with heaps of old shoes? If you lay them into your flooring, you can add a nice little touch to a washbay.

Using a lint roller to get rid of small things
Lint Rollers
Cleaning up is usually about the big stuff. But a lint roller can come in handy too – it’s so easy to pick up stuff that is otherwise unmovable.

Zippable Foot Covering

Clever reuse of feeding tub
Hand Made Feeder
Another clever use for an old plastic barrel. Just cut some access gaps in the bottom and fill the top with hay.

Feeding tray built into wall of horse stable
Retractable Feeding Bowl
This perfect little contraption allows you to refill feed or water without entering the stall. So much easier.

Clever LED Tail lights for horses
Tail Lights
Very clever. For twilight trail rides, this strip of LED lights makes your horse visible to other riders and traffic.

Interesting method of storing jumping poles
Arena Railing Storage
What better way to make use of the space taken up by your kickrail? Wonderful.

Clever adjustable stirrup
Adjustable Stirrups
Great for people teaching, this stirrup can be set to accommodate more than one leg length.

Clever nailless horse shoes
Nail-Less Horse Shoes
Wouldn’t we love to avoid nails if we could? Apparently, it’s possible – with these horse shoes that clip on firmly to your horses feet.

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