The best utterings of renowned coach and trainer George Morris:


– Distances are like men. Never take the first one you see, there will always be another one.


– Impulsion does not mean running forward. Impulsion means thinking forward.


– One you see a distance, I want you obsessive with straightness. If the horse drifts, he loses power and doesn’t use himself.


– Accuracy is better than speed.

– Every second, you’re either schooling or un-schooling your horse. There is no in-between.


– Don’t copy the people you ride against. You have to do better.


– Dressage is the basis. If there’s something off here, there will be something off with the jumping.


– I didn’t have talent, but I had great ambition. I still have ambition.

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– It’s all about the horse and that’s it.


– It’s about the horse, how to care for the horse, how to ride the horse and how to look after this great animal – the horse.


– At first everything is hard, then it becomes easier, then habitual, and only now does it have a chance to become beautiful.


– Precision, repeat something over and over again, that’s how you get the precision habit. Some people think it’s boring. I don’t.


– This is not rocket science. You don’t have to reinvent the space shuttle, keep it simple.


– You will be rewarded for brilliance. Not reckless brilliance, but natural brilliance. Don’t be sheep.


– Function equals form and form equals function.

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