The horse is an extremely good looking and striking animal. Every horse is handsome in their own way, but like humans they all look different. Some are pretty and slight whist some are tall, rippling and handsome. Here is a collection of the 15 most handsome horses we could find.
Black Beauty is a true name to this handsome animal. He is an image of beauty and charm.
A beautiful high quality photo of a black Horse

With a flair of his mane this gorgeous chestnut shows the rippling distinctions and shading on his fine coat.
Brown beautiful horse

His Royal Majesty steps with precision along the waterfront with a flowing tail behind him. What a beautiful aristocratic animal.
Beautiful black horses
This beautiful bay galloping along the sand is a perfect image capturing the refined aspects of his physique.

This handsome creature shows power and elegance with his thick and glossy mane and tail.
Cute and amazing black horse

This herd galloping through water is an image of handsome purposefulness, charging through the water with ease.

This is a beautiful image showcasing the finer details of the athletic body of this horse.

Sleek and shiny like a run of silk, this horse is one of a kind. An incredible looking creature.
Akhal-teke horse

Striding with a determined step, the dappled beauty stands out starkly from its all white surroundings.

This is Frederick, the horse that is now famous due to his amazing Rapunzel-like mane. He is truly gorgeous to look at.
Frederik Handsome Horse Cowgirl Magazine

Without a care in the world this chestnut horse is cantering happily through his field with an air of territory.
Mares Better Geldings

The stark whiteness of this horse’s nose next to his brown coat is astonishing and eye catching. The image a live still of the power and athleticism of him.