1. One – Take them on a trail ride.

It’s very easy for horses to get a bored. A trail ride is a great way to keep them stimulated and relaxed. It’s also a great way to destress for the rider and it’s the perfect opportunity to bond.
trail ride

  1. Two – Scratch their favourite itch.

You’ve seen the ones they struggle to properly reach. Get in there and scratch it for them. They’ll love you for it.

  1. Three – Condition their tail.

Get some tail conditioner and make sure everything it nice and untangled.

  1. Four – Learn to massage your horse.

There are lessons all over the internet – develop a little massage routine for your horse. When you’re doing it, make sure you’re aware of how they’re reacting so you can avoid anything that makes them uncomfortable.


  1. Five – Buy your treats in bulk.

That way you’ll get them cheaper and you’ll never run out.

  1. Six – Keep your grooming equipment clean.

Brushes that are already filled with hair can irritate the skin. Let your horse know you love them by making grooming as nice and comfortable as possible.

  1. Seven – Dry any sweat after taking their bridle off.

Sweat and dirt can get caught under a bridle and make things uncomfortable for your horse.

  1. Eight – Grow some carrots at home for your horse to eat.

The best part? Watching them eat the greenery of the carrot. Carrots are super easy to grow.

hend harvesting carrots

  1. Nine – Be hands-on.

The more you touch your horse, the more comfortable they will be around you and the more you can bond.

  1. Ten – Get a stall toy.

A simple stall toy that releases treats will keep your horse from getting too bored when you’re away.

  1. Eleven – Visit a local apple orchard.

A lot of orchards have left over or discarded apples. If you have a contact with an orchard, ask if you can visit to clean up these left overs. Your horse won’t mind if they’re a little bruised.

  1. Twelve – Make sure your saddle fits well.

Get a saddle fitter to take a look – there would be nothing worse than having to ride wearing an ill-fitting saddle.

  1. Thirteen – Talk to your horse.

A soothing tone of voice makes it easier for your horse to recognise you and be comfortable around you.

  1. Fourteen – Schedule spare time.

The best way to build up a bond is just to have some quite time with your horse when you aren’t doing anything in particular. Just be together, take some time out and get used to being around each other.

  1. Fifteen – Be the leader.

Horses are social and are most comfortable when they know who is in charge. Let your horse know that you’re taking care of things. You can do this by gently pushing against your horse, leading them and taking control. Horses bond strongest with others they admire. Be a leader for your horse.

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