Keeping a horse is a labour of love, a passion that we throw ourselves into whole-heartedly. And despite all of the dirt and the hard work (maybe because of it!), time spent in a barn with your horse is always time spent well.
Here are a few different tricks, tips and ideas to make your barn-work a little more enjoyable and a little easier.
Soak hay cubes in water
Soaking hay cubes makes them soft and prevents horses bolting their food, which can cause problems with choke. These hay cubes look so good, I wouldn’t mind eating one myself!
How to stop your horse choking when eating
Use C clamps as handles when shifting mats.
Stall mats can be very heavy and difficult to move, particularly if you’re doing it yourself. One of the things that makes it so hard is their awkward shape; it’s hard to get a grip. C clamps can be bought relatively cheaply from any hardware store. Attach them to your mat, clamp them down and you have the perfect makeshift handle.
How to poultice a foot abscess
Use a nappy when poulticing a foot abscess.
Nappies are great for this because they wrap around well, they can be attached securely and they’re watertight.
How to get scratches out of oil
Use olive oil to remove scratches from leather.
Leather is bound to get scratched, but there’s a very simple fix. Put some olive oil onto a rag and rub it into the leather to cover up the scratches.
BEsdtr way to do barn work at night
Use a headlamp for night work.
A lot of you might be onto this one already. The easiest way to see what you’re doing in the stables at night is to use a head lamp. This allows you to keep your hands free while you work.
Baby Wipes For Horses-01
Baby wipes can do anything.
Baby wipes are incredibly versatile. You can use them to clean yourself up after a ride, you can use them to cool down after a summer expedition (refrigerate, then wipe down your face) and they can be used on your horse. If you have any concerns about how your horse’s skin, buy sensitive skin wet wipes. That way, you can use them for hoof touch ups, wiping down bits and clearing out your horse’s eyes and nostrils.
How to stop your horse tack breaking
Use bailing twine as a breakaway system.
Instead of tying your tack directly to your hitching post, use a loop of bailing twine to connect the two. If your horse pulls, the twine will snap instead of your nice leather halter.
How to make a horse tail ribbon
Use old rosette ribbons as tail ribbons.
If you’re out and you need to put a tail ribbon on your horse but forgot to pack one, use an old rosette. You’ll need to get the colour right, and you’ll need to overcome your sentimental attachment to the rosette, but if you have no other options, this can do the trick.
Cheap equine pole cups
Use potties instead of pole cups.
You can buy potties a lot cheaper than you can get pole cups. Try to avoid cheap plastic potties, which can shatter when trampled.
How to make a feed shovel
Cut an old milk bottle into a feed scoop.
In a couple of seconds, you can turn an old 2 litre milk bottle into a scoop with a pair of scissors. Just cut around the milk bottle at an angle, keeping the handle intact.
Apple Sauce Syringe Tip
Save old worming syringes and use them to dispense treats.
Fill old syringes with apple sauce to give to your horse. This will get the used to the syringe and make it easier when do have to administer medicine.
Build proper ventilation for your horses
Build ventilation gaps into your barn design.
Proper ventilation makes your barn a safer and healthier place for your horses. It will also make them happier and more content.
Work with our equine building designers and egineers
Use coloured tape to identify your belongings.
This is good for when you’re at shows, but it can also help you distinguish your things when you have more than one horse. You can see quickly and easily which object belongs to which horse.
How to keep your horse tack dry
Save silica gel packets to stop mould growing near your tack.
Save those little packets your get when you buy new shoes or new bags. They absorb moisture and can prevent mould growing. Throw them in your tack box.
Use vet wrap for grip.
Wrap vet wrap around anything you need to stop slipping. This work perfectly for handles and poles.
How to get your horse to stay hydrated
Add some apple juice to water to encourage your horse to drink.
A little bit of apple juice can encourage your horse to take a drink and get the hydration they need.
Easy way to keep your horses feet white
Use a soap dispensing dish-wand to whiten your horse.
Fill a dish-wand with whitening shampoo and use it to whiten up your horse’s coat.