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Shed Cost Per Square Metre

Estimates can vary wildly for costs when building a shed. Each project is different, and there are various things that influence final price. We have calculated the average...
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How Much To Build A Shed Home

We've built thousands of sheds & many of them become habitable dwellings. The average size shed home we build is 26 x 9 x 3.3 metres and costs $71,980. These costs...
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Sheds Price List

There are a wide range of different kinds of sheds and their price is influenced by everything from colour, to number of doors, to location. The below figures give you a...
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Terms & Conditions

1. Branded Drizabone vests will be given to clients who submit payment for a Farmabuild project with a total kit price over $50,000. This figure does not include the cost...
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5 Of Our Best Aircraft Hangars

Our Hangabuild range always results in precise, detailed buildings that perform perfectly. Our Hangabuild clients are often technically minded; they expect accuracy &...
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Download Our New Equestrian eBook

10 Things To Know Before Building Your Indoor Arena...
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