The horse is an elegant and majestic creature, however the the most amazing thing about the horse is the diversity in each different animal. No horse is the same, all have their own unique trait whether it be in their looks, personality or talents. Here is a collection of the most unusual coat colours in 23 different horses.
Cremello Akhal- Teke

This magnificent breed of horse is so amazingly unique it is the national emblem of the Turkmenistan region of where it originiates. They are nicknamed ‘golden horses’ and I am sure you can see why.
Dappled Grey

Gray is an unnatural colour in horses due to artificially selected breeding. White grey horses are born with black skin whilst true white horses are born with pink skin.
Black and White Pinto

A pinto’s coat refers to one that features any combination of white and another colour. The contrast of this horse’s gorgeous coat is so eye-catching it is difficult to look away.

This horse is born with the ‘creamy gene’ which makes his coat look so creamy. When a horse has this gene pure, it results in a stunning white colour.

Buckskin is a coat that is found across many breeds of horses. All of the hair on the base of the coat is diluted with a red colouring, however the mane, tail and legs are unaffected.
Buckskin Pinto

This pinto is a mix of pinto and buckskin, having the white colour mixed with the deep red colouring or buckskin.
Silver Dapple Pinto

The colouration and pattern of this horse is beautiful, as if the horse is covered in snow flakes. His white mane and tail accentuate the affect exquisitely.
Red Rabicano

Rabicano is described also as ‘white ticking’. This is a coat colour prominent in the tail and side flanks of this horse.

Sabino refers to groups of white spotted patterns on the hair and the skin of a horse. The irregular pattern on this horse’s body and face showcases the sabino gene beautifully.
Silver Buckskin

The silver buckskin is a similar version of the silver dapple gene. The extreme contrast shown in this horse’s colouring is mesmerizing.
Classic Champagne

The champagne gene of a horse refers to the gene that changes the dark colour or a horse’s skin and makes it looks lighter. This horse showcases this as her black coat appears a soft brown.
Gold Champagne

A golden champagne is subtle but beautiful. The horse has chestnut coloured skin that usually appears gold in horses such as this one who have the champagne gene.
Grey Brindle

Brindle colour is not usually associated with horses. On the rare occasion that a horse does inherit this gene the horse will inherit tiger striping due to the vertical markings on the skin.
Chocolate Flaxen

Usually horses with flaxen colouring are pale yellow, however this horse is a deep chocolate brown that works beautifully with the contrasting tones in his mane and tail.
Leopard Appaloosa

The Appaloosa breed are known for their spotted coat however this horse has a very interesting pattern which almost looks like a leopard’s.
Blue Roan

The roan gene allows horses to have dark underlying coats that appear to have a bluish hue to them. As you can see on this horse the head and legs are not usually affected by the roan colouration.

This horse looks like a bandit in reverse with his white mask across the eyes. This colouring is very unique and rare.
Friesian and Appaloosa Cross

This foal is gorgeously elegant with his interesting coat as a result of the friesian and appaloosa cross and his long legs accentuating his gracefulness.
Interesting Wording

This horse has a beautifully contrasted coat, however what is incredible about him is that the word ‘horse’ is spelled across his side.