Farming is known as a traditional form of producing food for the wider population’s sustenance. However as the human race has grown and evolved, so has farming. Here are three modern farming techniques that are reshaping the agricultural industry.

Sundrop Farms, South Australia 

Sundrop farms is located in the arid salt plains of South Australia. Here a huge solar tower stands over 24,000 mirrors which produces thermal energy to power 20 hectres of adjoining glasshouses to grow tomatoes. About 350 tonnes of tomatoes are reaped from these glasshouses every week. This method of farming is extremely clean and sustainable, relying solely on solar power. Also it makes use of ground considered unfit for traditional methods of farming. As CEO Philipp Saumweber comments, “if you can farm successfully here, you can farm almost anywhere in the world.”

Bowery Farms, New Jersey

This method of farming takes industrialized farming to another level. Here vertical farming is practiced showcasing increased automation, reduced emissions and all round reduced costs. FarmOS is a software used to efficiently move water around plants, adapting new data to adjust environmental conditions to the warehouse. Trays of crop are stacked vertically and produced all year round. With these techniques the Bowery Farm company claim to have the capacity to grow 100 times more per square foot than other industrial farms.


Areoponics describes a method of farming by which plants are grown while being suspended in mid air. The way this crazy idea works is plants are suspended in a reservoir or something that can support the plant, but minimal contact is made with this device and the plant, making the plant 100% grown in air. The dangling roots are sprayed with nutrient-rich solution to ensure healthy growth. Nearly any plant can be grown using an aeroponics system.