Not making an impression

Clients will visit your offices, you want their first experience of you to be memorable. Your office should be striking and impressive in its facade.

Forgetting natural light

Natural light is a great way of opening up your internal space. Never underestimate its importance and never rely on electrical lighting only.

Not leaving room for employee growth

If things go well, you small business won’t be small for long. So don’t forget to leave room for more employees. Growth can happen fast, and you need to be ready to adapt.

Not leaving room for company growth

What happens in three or four years when your entire building needs to be expanded? You should already be thinking about extensions, even when you’re just starting to build. This will ensure that you can build new office space without any problems.

Overlooking movement

It’s easy to forget about how your employees will be moving through the building. How often do they need to access the warehouse? Other offices? Is there room?A good office won’t make its inhabitants feel cramped or awkward when moving through it.