1. 1. North Carolina Residence.

amazing shed like house in north carolina shed like house with large windows interior of shed like house
This stunningly simple home almost looks like an extended shipping container or carport. Resting on large concrete bricks in the forests of North Carolina, the simplicity of the building lends it grace & majesty. The large windows maximise the natural lighting, relying on the dense forest for privacy.
2. 2. London Garden Shed Studio.
Shed in london made livable Shed in london with bed in floor
This incredible & tiny space was converted from an old garden shed in London. To compensate for the lack of space, a bed is hidden beneath the floor boards. The space is used as an art and living space.
3. 3. Wyoming Barn.
Barn Like living quarters Internal of barn like building View from inside barn like living space
This barn looks old and unassuming – in fact, it’s a recent build made from reclaimed wood. The modest external hides a very luxurious and detailed internal. It also makes fantastic use of its height with a large window onto an expansive panorama of the mountains.
4. 4. 9 Steps.
9 steps 3 9 Steps 9 steps2
This beautiful building is tucked away at Mt Buffalo. (We’re biased because we helped build it. More on that here.) This simple structure is, in many ways, a shed. Made from steel with a straightforward layout, the building fits in wonderfully with its surrounds.
The place can be rented for those looking to try out the tree-change lifestyle.
5. 5. The Double Shed, Chile. 
Shed Style house Chile Shed Building MAPA-architects-create-sheds-within-sheds-for-Chilean-mountain-hideaway-_dezeen_12
This interesting home is comprised of two large shed-like buildings linked by barn-style doors. It’s unique & memorable.

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