1. Plan & Design.

The first stage, as with any large project, is to think things through and plan.
Find out which mistakes you needs to avoid, and make sure you have a very clear idea of how you want your project to turn out.
You will also need to decide the scope of your project. Will you just be building an arena surface and small border, or do you plan on building a fully enclosed indoor?

2. Find your location.

Part of planning is finding a location for your arena. It should have easy access, should avoid water run-off during rain, and be protected from the weather if possible.
Also important will be making sure you arena fits, so measure your available space and decide on an appropriate arena size.

3. Build the Base.

For proper drainage, you’ll need to level your arena and lay crushed stone as a base. You can then look at laying the surface.
The most important thing at this stage is making sure your arena drains well, particularly if you aren’t planning on building a cover.

4. Design your indoor.

If you’re building a steel indoor, do some research & find out about local companies that can build for you. Look for a company that will handle your building permits, can adjust the project according to your desires, and has their own team of designers & engineers.
Make sure that the company you choose to work with has experience building arenas. If possible, ask to visit one of their previous builds.

5. Build & enjoy.

When your arena is complete, enjoy it! If possible, share it or rent it out when you aren’t using it. Hold lessons. Make sure that your new arena is something that you and others get a lot of joy from.

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