A shed is really all about how you use it. It should be more than just a place to park your cars; you took the time and spent the money to get it built, so why not make proper use of it?
We’ve put together a list of things that every shed should have
A first aid kit
Even if you have a first aid kit in the home, it’s a really good idea to have a spare in your shed. Little bits and pieces always go missing, so it’s good to have a back-up somewhere outside the house.
A tool kit
What kind of a shed would it be if you weren’t able to do handiwork in it? A proper tool kit means that your shed becomes a workshop.

A music player
We’re proud of the sheds that we build and we want people to spend as much time enjoying them as possible. A simple radio or music player will make the difference and get you whistling as you work on your own projects.
A work bench
A workshop is no good without a work bench. Whatever kind of work you do, set aside a bench and a chair so you can get things done.

A Powerpoint
Always consider the powerpoints. Where are you going to need them and where should they be positioned? If you’re going to be using a lot of power tools, think about where you’ll be doing most of your work so you can avoid long extension cords that get in the way.
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