When people come to visit your office, there are a lot of things that you want to convey. The way your office is built and constructed says an enormous amount about your company and the relationship you are setting up with your guest.
If you’re looking to make an extension or build a new office, remember about the smaller things. They make a much larger contribution to the overall impression that you might realise.ii

The materials –

There are certain materials that are synonymous with the ugliness of offices. Don’t use brown concrete. The moment people see it, they’re going to want to turn around and run.
Find a material that sets you apart from other offices. A great option, for staying within a budget but creating an interesting building, is steel. Steel is customisable, great to design with, and looks great when coloured (it comes in colours other than beige, too!).

The location of the entry –

This has a big impact on how guests feel, though they don’t often realise it. People have different associations with entry locations. A door that is not immediately visible can make a guest feel they’re entering the wrong door, or that they are doing something that needs to be hidden.
A door in the centre of the building can convey a sense of confidence, especially if the design of the building emphasises it.
One of our clients chose to have their entrance on the corner of their building, a decision which makes the building unique and interesting.

Window positioning

We often don’t think about windows unless they’re out of place. It’s important to remember that guests will usually try to look into the building when the approach it. A wide, clear window that looks into the reception area is great. clearly visible to the guest can make them feel uncomfortable.

The Scale

A lot of offices want their buildings to impress. Size seems to convey success and power.
For small businesses it’s often more practical to keep the office small. But for those who want to experiment and build something a little more impressive, steel is affordable enough to give you options when making decision on the size of your building.

The Fit

Another thing most people aren’t aware of is how the building fits with the space it’s in. Most of the time, your guest won’t notice. It only really seems to make a difference if you get it very wrong, or very right.

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