1. Know what you want to build.

The first thing you need to know is what your building will look like. Do you plan on having a stable complex built in? Will your indoor be full sized or will it be smaller? Will you need to have large vehicle access?
It all comes down to what you’re going to use the indoor for.

2. Know your site.

Where is your indoor going to be built? You need to find a location that is accessible, has good drainage, and has enough space to build.
If you know which builders you’re going to use, work with them. They will be able to develop your idea into detailed plans and can put together concept drawings for you.

3. Design your indoor.

This is part of the fun; you need to design exactly how you want your indoor arena to look. This includes everything from the floor-plan to the colour of the roofing.

4.  How are you going to clear the site and lay your base?

Before you can start building your indoor, you need to level the ground and lay your arena footing. Most indoor builders will be able to refer you to someone who can do this for you.

5. Check out other indoors first.

The surest way of getting what you want is spending time on other indoors. Take note of what it’s like to be in them, & ride in them. Ask the owner what they like & what they wish they had done differently. This kind of research will ensure that you end up with an indoor you’re happy with.

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