1. Chalkboard spray paint.

Sounds kind of like tartan paint, doesn’t it? But this is actually a real thing – spray any surface with some chalkboard paint, let it dry and that’s it. You can know draw on it like a regular chalkboard.
You can turn any wall in the office into a space for new ideas.

2. Windows, windows, windows.

Studies repeatedly find that being new a window helps people work ore efficiently and effectively.
Always plan for this when build your office. You can never have too many windows.

3. Make your interior interesting.

Murals are relatively cheap but they make a huge difference when it comes to first impressions.
Make sure that your visitors step through your door and are surprised and impressed.

4. Get an old game machine.

Everyone appreciates a bit of fun. It can be a point of contact for your entire office – and your visitors.
It’s also another way to impress the people that step into your offices.

5. Make use of skylights.

One of the most under-used creations of this century is the skylight. Zero-energy usage, low maintenance – these awesome things can be used to flood your work space with natural light and brighten up everyone’s day.

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