Bushfire paddock fire burning towards open land shed protect property
Victorian farmers and rural property owners all have one thing in common during the hot dry season: risk and exposure to bushfires and grassfires.
Fire is a very real threat to all of us, and awareness has obviously increased hugely since the Black Saturday disaster. But are those of us who are subjected to risk doing all we can to improve our fire plan and preparedness?
One simple method, often overlooked, is to ensure our assets are protected by a steel frame shed. Steel is sturdy and fire-retardant, and regardless of the nature or intended use of the shed, it ensures your assets are stored in a central, landmarked location.
Whether its machinery and equipment, feed or stock, the advantages of having your assets stored under a roof are huge:
1.   Should your property become subject to the thread of fire, it’s so much easier to protect a central, pinpointed location and confined area.
2.   It is easier for you to maintain the surroundings, keep the grass slashed and immediate area clear of fuel, and ensure adequate water storage nearby.
3.   There will be easy access for vehicles to gain entrance to and protect the location in adverse circumstances.
4.   Your assets are also protected from the conditions a fire can produce; ash, embers, smoke and heat that can all cause excessive damage. A roof and/or walls offer a certain shield from these elements, and can also help to keep stock calm.
5.   Furthermore, a sturdy steel frame and cladding have a much higher fire-retardant rating than many of the older style timber frame and beam sheds that can be found around Victoria.
If you can fit yourself into the group of Victorians that live under the summer fire threat, and are interested in increasing your chances of protecting your rural assets from risk of fire, you can contact Central Steel Build for advice and assistance.
Contact Central for a free consultation, advice on your property setup/possible site location for a shed, and an obligation free quote. 1300 955 608, or visit centralbuild.localdev.highbrow.com.au
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