1.  The Fiberline Factory.

This incredible factory is in Denmark and produces fibreglass. The low, angled architecture makes it blend in with the surrounding hills, minimising it’s impact on the environment. It’s everything you don’t expect when you think ‘factory.’
2. Louisville slugger factory, Kentucky.

Creators of an American icon, the Louisville slugger baseball bat factory has kept it’s original design. The building is classic factory architecture – reminiscent of the traditional American values that bring the company such success in it’s homeland.
A huge, iconic bat has been laid against the building on the scale of giants. A nice touch to a well respected building.
3. NPO Energomash Plant.
Much of this amazing factory looks like something out of a sci-fi film. It’s used to produce rockets and is located in Poland. Although some of the factory is still in use, other parts have been dormant for years.
4. The McLaren technology centre.
The famous prestige car-maker has put as much technology and design finesse into their UK factory.
The extended layout lets in large amounts of light to it’s surprisingly huge interior. The factory includes production areas, research and development, showrooms, electronics stores and testing rooms.
5. Olisur Olive Oil factory.
This beautiful Chilean factory respectfully matches its environment. It’s made of biodegradable materials, a decision that matched the biodegradable nature of the entire olive oil process.
It’s a great example of sustainable architecture.
6. Van Nelle factory
This Dutch factory produces tea, coffee and tobacco. Built in 1925, it’s a great example of a modernist factory: a big, grand, impressive machine.
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