1. Coca-Cola. 

This pop-up store aimed to make the brand image a little more sophisticated and refined. The neat interior offered a place for people to test taste variations and relaxedly mingle.
2. H & M
To promote their new line of beach wear, clothing company H & M opened a pop-up store on the beach. This simple idea was a great, effective way of introducing a new line, and probably generated a huge amount of free publicity and word-of-mouth.
a99054_HM3. Aesop
Aesop specialises in hand & facial creams. This elegant pop-up was made in collaboration with local artists, and featured a sand-sculpture that evolved over the duration of the pop-up.
4. Where The Wild Things Are. 
To promote the release of the Where The Wild Things Are film adaptation, boutique items were created by artists inspired by the themes of the film. It was a great attempt to bridge the adult and child demographics that the film targeted.
5. Tron: Legacy. 
Another film promotion with a completely different feel. Disney promoted their reboot of Tron with a futuristic pop-up store selling edgy, stylish clothes.
6. Adidas.
This playful but classic idea perfectly captured the spirit of the Adidas brand: a pop up store made to look like a shoe box.
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