Warehouses are used today by creative individuals who love industrial style. Check out these six amazing buildings who have been turned from any old factory or warehouse into something original and interesting.

Melbourne, Australia 

Melbourne architecture is becoming more creative and different everyday. The industrial style has been taken to enthusiastically by melbournites and can be seen more frequently throughout the city. This house in Fitzroy North is named House in a Warehouse and was built by Splinter Society Architecture.

Okayama, Japan 

This house was originally a furniture factory that was converted into a home with modern Japanese design. The house was completed in 2016.

London, England

Holding the history of the Industrial Revolution, London is the perfect place to express Industrial Style. This converted ironworks showcases the original Gothic windows, brickwork, industrial staircase and exposed steel beams.

Sydney, Australia 

This stunning rebuild is located in Waterloo. It falls easily under the category of a luxury dwelling complimented by the authentic industrial style.

Portland, USA 

This 465 square meter industrial site was turned into a family home by the addition of timber boxes to create private rooms. The bow-string shaped roof has been restored and filled with sky lights.

New York, USA

A building constructed in 1884, used for packing caviar has been refurbished into a stunning residence by the Andrew Franz Architects. The home features exposed timber beams and the original roof joists.