If you’ve ever heard of equine-assisted learning, you’re aware of the benefits of kids spending time with horses. It’s more than just an idea; studies repeatedly find that spending time with horses has a huge positive impact on children’s development.
These studies began when children with learning disabilities were found to be highly responsive to working with horses. Since then, the practise has spread to others fields, with benefits being found for students, adults and people suffering from PTSD.
The reason is not entirely understood, but children seem to show a unique receptivity to working with horses.
We’ve compiled a list of the main benefits that people experience when doing work with horses. All of the effects are supported by experimental evidence.

  1. Increases in Self esteem.

  2. Greater attention spans.

  3. Higher levels of trust.

  4. Decreased depression.

  5. Lower cortisol levels.

    (Cortisol is the hormone in the brain linked to stress.)

  6. Higher levels of trust.

  7. Decreases in anger.

The amazing effect of horses has been used to make education more effective, with equine-assisted learning programs. It’s even been introduced to the world of psychology, with some practitioners looking into equine-assisted psychotherapy!
These studies confirm what most horse people knew intuitively; there’s something about horses that changes humans for the better.