“As long as people research what their resources are, what support they have available, what their fallbacks are, their competition and where they want to be in the future, they are likely to have a plan that will succeed.”

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  1. Passion

A lot of people involved with horses are passionate. Very passionate. That’s what makes the horse community special; everything is done with real enthusiasm and real energy.
Passion for the equestrian world is necessary because working in the industry is hard work, long hours and relatively low pay. The reward is the work itself; being able to spend every moment of your week working with horses. That love for the work needs to be able to get you out of bed early every morning.


All good businesses are built on a wealth of experience. The longer you’ve been around horses, the better you will be able to make business decisions.
The single best option for getting into the horse industry is to find a way to start small. Start a hobby business. This will prove that your business idea works and will give you the experience you need to make it work on a larger scale.

  1. Support

It’s very difficult to start an equestrian business alone. Support in any form is helpful.
If you have a partner with a stable income, that can give you the freedom to get your business off the ground.
If you know people already in the industry; ask them for advice. If you are humble and hardworking, people will be willing to help you out.

  1. Honesty

When you’re assessing your prospects, honesty is the single most important attribute you can have. Don’t let your passion cloud your view. If something doesn’t look like it will work, don’t do it.
Passion will drive you, but honesty will make sure you succeed. Be a realist as often as you can.

  1. A business plan

A lot of people throw themselves into things without a forward-looking plan. Planning can be frightening; it’s the moment you find out if your business really has a chance to work.
That’s the reason it needs to be done.

  1. Good people skills

Interpersonal skills make a big difference in the equestrian industry. They will help you grow your reputation and ensure that people come back to you.
Horse riding is a hobby for most people, so they want their experience to be a pleasant one. Try to offer that.

  1. Goals

Setting up a business is half the battle. You then have to maintain it and grow it. Without clear goals being set, it’s easy to be idle and miss out on opportunities.
Setting goals will improve your growth, help you avoid failure and they’ll make running a business more enjoyable.
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