The Evelyn Grace Academy. 
Designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid, this redesign won multiple awards. The robust buildings are strong and low-maintenance, but provide expansive, well-lit interiors.
Despite the success, the UK later banned curved schools, saying that non-uniform designs cost too much.
The Surrey City Centre Library. 
This bold public library near Vancouver combines curves and points to create a unique space that utilises solar warmth to make the vast interior comfortable for studiers.
The library was a response to the increasing importance of digital data, with physical book collections no longer being as important. Instead, this library offers open spaces for people to meet and collaborate.
The community was involved in the design process through the library’s online presence, encouraging feedback and comments from civilians.
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Tenerife University.

This fascinating extension houses the fine arts faculty of a Spanish university. The sparse, empty concrete gives the area a course feeling, allowing students a blank canvas on which to create their own activities and happenings.
Located near a highway, the building curves around to make its public spaces open, but also protected from the busy, urban exterior.
AKB_Story-Pod_Toronto_dezeen_936_1 AKB_Story-Pod_Toronto_dezeen_936_3
Wooden Open Library. 
This open library near Toronto allows a few people in it at a time. The single shelf works on a take-something-leave-something arrangement that allows strangers to share literature with each other.
The building closes into a box overnight to keep the books safe.
Hallfield primary school.
This London primary school threw together buildings of different shapes and sizes – in many ways echoing the creativity of a school child.
The learning spaces, with their strange curvatures and abrupt corners, became part of the learning resources, and likely embedded themselves into the memory and affections of the students that studied here.
St James Senior Girls School.
This small collection of close-quarter classrooms is designed to transition its students from their educational lives to their adult lives. The village-style architecture encourage pupils to take control of their position in the system, whilst feeling a sense of belonging to their own small part of the school.
The building combines elements of traditional architecture, whilst employing modern elements (such as the clay roof lanterns), which make it more eco friendly and fill the space with natural light. drawing-studio-peter-cook-crab-studio-architecture-arts-university-bournemouth-uk_dezeen_936_2
drawing-studio-peter-cook-crab-studio-architecture-arts-university-bournemouth-uk_dezeen_936_0 drawing-studio-peter-cook-crab-studio-architecture-arts-university-bournemouth-uk_dezeen_936_3
Drawing Studio.
This stand-alone drawing studio is situated on the grounds of the University is belongs to in the UK.
It is incredibly bold on the outside and confrontingly minimal on the inside. There’s nowhere for students or subject to hide as they experiment with their craft.
The circular face makes powerful use of natural light and the trees and grass of the surrounds are challenged by the starkness of the building.
Kanagawa Kindergarten. 
This beautiful kindergarten has the kind of restrained colour-scheme of a modern loungeroom, without reducing the playfulness it needs to keep children interested.
The building is all about making pupils feel that they can and should be always exploring space, regardless of how much it seems like part of the background.
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