Powder-White Socks
Put baby powder onto your horses white patches to make them stand out even more. For a longer lasting effect, run some hair gel through the hair first to make the powder stick.

Watch Tack in Your Dish Washer
Non-leather tack only can be washed in the top drawing of the dish washer. This is a great, easy way to clean things like bits.

Make Your Horses Photogenic
Want your horse to lift his ears up for a photograph? Find a video of horses neighing and that will grab his attention and get him to prick his ears.

Use Listerine to Clean Your Bits
Clean a gunky bit by spraying it with some Listerine and using a toothbrush to give it a scrub.

Fix A Squeak With Vaseline
If your tack is squeaking, find out what’s rubbing and wipe on a little bit of vaseline.

Using Old Baling Twine as a Rag
If you’ve run out of scrubbers, a handful of baling twine will help you clean up. There are hundreds of uses around the barn for baling twine. 

Use Vodka to keep your help nice
Create a mixture of half water, half vodka and spray it into your helmet after a ride. The alcohol will kill the bacteria and stop the smell.

Soften Your Bell Boots With Warm Water
This will make them much easier to pull on and off your horse’s feet.