1. Antilla.

Most expensive home in the world
Interior of the most expensive home in the world
Exterior of billion dollar home in Mumbai
This enormous home is right in Mumbai and it cost well over 1 billion dollars to build.
The home is owned by the fifth most wealthy person on the planet. The interior looks like a hotel – decked out with the most expensive decor imaginable.

2. Fleur De Lys, Beverly Hills.

Increedibly expensive Beverly Hills House
Interior of Fleur De Lys House
This ludicrously expensive home in California sold for over $100 million. Mariah Carey was interested in buying the property.
Despite it’s traditionalist French design, the building was only constructed in 2002 – it’s just made to look historical.

3. Dar al-Hajar, Yemen.

Dar Al Hajar amazing rock building Dar al Hajar house seen from distance Interior of amazing Yemen rock building
This amazing rock-cut residence was built for then-leader of Yemen in the 1920s as a summer retreat.
The amazing building is now a museum, offering amazing views.

4. Largest Wooden Home in the world, Russia.

Amazing wooden tall building
This enormous wooden home was never intended to be so huge or unusual. Built by a Russian gangster, the building got larger as the home-owners ambitions increased.
It was eventually extensively damaged by fire while the owner was in prison.

5. 1009 Fifth Avenue, New York City.

80 million dollar New York home Interior of 80 Million dollar NYC home
In a city where closet-sized apartments go for millions, this huge building seems almost unfair.
Worth $80 million, the traditional interiors are beautifully detailed.

6. Fallingwater House, Pennsylvania.

Fallingwater HouseFallingwater house interior
Perhaps the most famous house ever built in America, this originally cost $155,000 (it was built in 1964).
Since then, it has become a landmark and a public museum. It’s essentially priceless.  Many of the architects other buildings sell for around the $1 million mark, but this would likely sell for more than $100 million.

7. Beach House, The Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic House Entance Dominican Republic House
This luxurious, expansive house has an enormous shallow pool (it’s not trick photography – it’s huge).
It can be rented for $5,000 a day.

8. Church Home, The Netherlands.

Church converted to luxury home Church interior converted to minimalist interior

With a breath-taking exterior and interior, this amazing conversion creates a very memorable home in the Netherlands.

Honourable mention: A Louis Vitton House.

Louis Vitton house
This not-so-glamorous house seems to be the work of someone with a passion for fashion and some spare time (and paint) on their hands.
Not exactly luxury, but it’s trying.

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