1. Bishop Rock

This light house is so far from shore that visitors often stayed the night and a caretaker would have lived there permanently.
The light house began construction in 1847 but was swept away by the ocean before it could be completed. It was reconstructed and completed in 1858.

2. Paro Taktsang

A Buddhist temple built into a Himalayan mountain side, this incredible building, which would have been home to dozens of monks, was built in 1692.
The temple is 3 kilometres above sea level.

3. The Chess Pavilion

A humble little structure built to honour the view above the clouds, this tiny little building is one of the most difficult to reach.

4. The Holy Trinity Monastery

This Greek temple has 400 metres of steps carved out of the rock face. Reaching the building means climbing through boulders and mountains, but the location is worth it.

5. Hermitage of San Colombano

This astounding building was built in 1319 and sits 120 metres high, built into the rock face of a valley. Imagine what the builders went through to get it up there.

6. Drina River House

Built by leisurely swimmer looking for a place to rest, this amazingly isolated building started from a shack and became increasingly large and detailed.

8. Cliff House

A steel and glass structure built in the most unlikely place: the side of a cliff. The modern materials makes this sturdy and reliable.
The views from this location are like no other.