The Public Safety Building
This building, in Salt Lake City, houses police, fire and emergency services. It has been built to withstand even the most extreme earthquakes without suffering any damage and remaining operational.
Chinese temples.
These temples, built thousands of years ago, somehow manage to withstand earthquakes as newer, presumably more advanced buildings fall to the ground.
How do they do it? It was recently discovered that a combination of heated lime and sticky rice is used as mortar, which has proven nearly indestructible.
Shanghai Tower
The tallest building in China, the Shanghai tower’s twisting design allows it to reduce the friction of wind by 24%. It’s also made with less structural steel that other towers of comparable size.
Hurricane-proof home.
Built by two architects, this dome-shaped house has already survived 4 hurricanes. The heavy concrete, combined with steel foundations, keep this building in place under the harshest weather conditions.
Cheyenne Mountain Complex.
Perhaps difficult to call a building, this complex was build by the USA during the cold war to monitor airspace. It’s buried deep into the mountain, making use of nature as fortification.
Fort Knox.
Build after World War I, Fort Knox is the most famous of all strong buildings. It has since been used to store the United States bullion depository, for which it is most well known.
One World Trade Centre.
Built on the site of the original twin towers, the One World Trade Centre is ‘the strongest office building’ ever built. It makes use of a heavy concrete foundation and heavily protected, reinforced concrete walls protecting emergency access routes.
Zeljava Airbase.
The largest underground structure in Europe, this airbase monitored airspace. It was overrun during the Yugoslav wars, and dangerous traps were laid to prevent its future use.
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