It is important to strive towards making actions in your warehouse efficient and streamlined, however it can be difficult working out how to do so. Here we give you 8 ways that will assist in achieving an efficient and more productive warehouse.
Robotic automation may sound like a crazy idea to help your warehouse’s work rate, however it is proven that robotic automation can assist manufacturers in achieving better productivity and it can be cheaper, as less employees are needed.

Optimizing Labour Productivity
Optimizing labour productivity should be a cornerstone of your warehouse improvement effort. It is critical for your organisation to understand production rates as labour is a high cost factor in warehousing.

Making Use of Vertical Space 
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It is imperative to make use of space where ever possible in the warehouse. This can be difficult on the production floor as space is limited. A good solution is pallet racking, making better use of vertical space and allowing for the necessary floor space to be used in production.

Organized Workstations 
creating workstations for specific jobs that need to be done contributes to a more efficient method of production as each part of the process has a specific permanent location, along with the materials and tools needed to perform the job.

Picking Methodology 
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Along with creating organised workstations in your warehouse it is important to determine whether the picking methodology you use is the best for your organization. Making the right order picking choices directly impacts on chain productivity, thus it is an important factor to consider.

Ensure you keep up with any new technological benefits that could help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and contribute to efficient warehouse practices.

Storage Equipment
Perform a thorough assessment of current and future warehouse storage needs. By doing this you can improve storage density and picker productivity resulting in long term cost savings.

Lean Manufacturing 
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The ideas of the 5S/ Lean Manufacturing methods are being used by many manufacturers currently as the methods are seen to be extremely effective in enabling quicker and more efficient production and lowering overall costs.